Welcome to my ‘Toby’s Trick of the Day’ page! My name is Naomi, and I am a wife and a mother to 1 gorgeous 1.5 old boy! I am a part-time stay-at-home-mum and work part-time as a vet in beautiful Toowoomba. I am especially interested in animal behaviour and wanted to start this page to help encourage people to have fun spending time with their animals. Also, just to bring a smile to the day!

Toby also has a facebook page, ‘Toby’s Trick of the Day’. If you wish to see some of Toby’s antics, pop on over and have a look!


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The weather has been (intermittently) getting warmer thankfully! It has been so nice to start getting outside more and more as everyone seems happier when there is at least a little bit of outside time during the day (Mummy included). There are still so many bugs going around unfortunately, and since my last post, we … Continue reading Roll-over


It’s been several months since our last post, but a lot has happened in that time! We now have another beautiful baby boy who’s already almost 2 months old! Where does that time go… His older brother is absolutely smitten with him and 9/10 times is very gentle with him thankfully. Having said that, we … Continue reading Spin/Unwind


It’s been so nice reaching Autumn! The days have been getting much cooler and the doona is back out again for night-time. After a nice morning , I’m finally getting to sit down and make my next entry. I realise more and more each day how much a 21 month old toddler is a person … Continue reading Stand


It continues to be warm weather everywhere this week from the sound of it! Summer is certainly still here and it just makes me realise how much I appreciate aircon. I can’t complain too much about Toowoomba nights, as they have been getting down to around 20oC which has been pretty good sleeping weather. A … Continue reading Drop

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